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Comfurt Gas offers two types of delivery options. We want our customers to choose what works best for them.


Choosing to be a SCHEDULED DELIVERY customer is hassle-free for you. We will use our automated system to track your usage and fill your tank when it’s around 40%. This option frees you from having to remember to read your tank and schedule your deliveries. As an added bonus, all keep full customers receive our lowest rates for their propane. This is our premium service option that we believe all customers should take advantage of. All propane deliveries are dependent on our payment requirements as found on our Company Policy Form.


WILL CALL customers are responsible for reading their own tank and calling us to schedule a delivery. It’s important to call us before your tank is below 20%. The minimum delivery is 150 gallons. If you do run out of gas we are required to conduct an out-of-gas pressure test at an additional expense. There is an added charge of 5¢ per gallon for Will Call delivery requests that are less than 300 gallons. All propane deliveries are dependent on our payment requirements as found on our Company Policy Form.


Customer Information

All new customers requiring service must complete this customer information form for each physical address needing propane deliveries.

Payment Options & AutoPay Authorization 

If you wish to charge payments to your credit card or bank account please download this form and return it to Comfurt Gas. Filing this form allows you to charge to your card or bank account without any additional fees.

Propane Tank Lease Agreement

All new customers requiring service that have a leased tank must complete this propane tank lease agreement for propane tanks needing deliveries.

Budget Billing 

If you are interested in our Budget Billing Payment program read the attached form. One year of usage is required to sign-up for the Budget Billing Payments. Payments will be required monthly. 

Company Policy

Here is our company policy guide that explains our services. You can print it by clicking on the button.

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